Pet Obesity

Recently a pet insurance company determined that policyholders claimed more than thirty-four million dollars for health issues either directly caused by obesity or related to obesity. Clearly obesity in our pets is becoming a serious hproblem. Fortunately there can be some easy steps to solving the problem!

        1. Don’t let your pet free-feed unless they are a fussy or pick eater. Letting your pet have constant access to food can very easily lead your pet to over eat. A great way to feed is to measure how much you feed each meal.

        2. Cut back on treats. Too many treats can help add pounds to your pet. Try using their kibble or meal for rewards during training or find a lean, healthy source of treats.

        3. Go outside and play! Exercise is fun! Take a few minutes and walk your dog around the block, play a quick game of fetch, or go for a swim. Exercising with your pet is a great way for both of you to lose weight.

For more information about the stats on pet insurance claims see: