Dogs Love Fun!

Dogs love fun, anything we think is fun, they’re likely to agree. Here’s
a Border Collie ‘Momo’, his owner thinks photo’s which mimic the Where’s
Waldo theme, using Momo as Waldo, are fun. Momo gets to hide in all
kinds places.

Can you find Momo?
Photo credit: Andrew Knapp

Generally we don’t think of Border Collies as champions of the long
down, where they lay in one place for a long time. We think of them as
being more active dogs, running after sheep or doing agility or catching
Frisbees, things that involve running and chasing come to mind when
Border Collie is mentioned. But Border Collies have a broad skill set
and if staying in one place is the order of the day, so be it, the
Border Collie is happy to oblige.

Momo has found internet fame for sitting still and melding with the
background and that’s not easy when your camouflage is black and white.
But why would Momo think this is fun to do, to work so hard at sitting
still while dad snaps photos? What’s fun about that?

The fun is in the car rides, the new places with interesting smells, and
making dad happy in pursuit of his photographic game of hide and seek.
This is a win win for the Border Collie. Momo almost certainly doesn’t
understand why this pursuit is a pleasure for his dad, in fact I’m not
sure myself, but I doubt he cares. All he cares about is that he’s
having a good time and so is dad.

For dogs, being outside and going new places is wonderful. It’s a part
of life that few house dogs ever get to experience. They see the same
things everyday, same yards, same smells, same walks, at the same time
of day. But not Momo, he gets out. He gets to explore, see new things,
smell new smells. For dogs, that’s a profoundly important important
part of life.

Momo’s work as a model gives him access to new places, challenges him
and rewards him, all at once. The icing on the cake for Momo is it makes
his dad happy.

That’s one lucky dog.

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