Tug is Good!

Studies have now proven that playing tug games with dogs will not cause a dog to be aggressive. This common misconception¬†has survived in our culture for a long time. ¬† Playing tug is a natural game, and dogs play it for fun. That’s why tug games are so effective for training.
If your dog has a dominate personality, playing tug can actually reinforce your pack leader status, here’s how.

1. End the game on your terms and before the dog is ready to quit.

2. Keep possession of the toy when the game is over.

3. Don’t let the dog win possession of the toy every time. Exhibit your control and strength.

Following these rules will let your dog see that you control the toy and the game. If your dog is a strong tugger get a toy that has a handle like the Tuff E Nuff tug or two handles like the 2 Handled Fur Force Toy, which will help you hang onto and control the toy.

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