Buying Safe Toys

As you buy Christmas toys for your dogs, be sure to look carefully at the quality of the toys you are buying! It isn’t difficult to find safe toys, you just have to know what to stay away from. Buying toys that aren’t safe can cause serious issues.

If a toy has parts attached to it, be sure all the parts are securely on the toy and don’t look like they will fall off with time or wear. Little parts can fall off toys and get lodged in a dog’s mouth very quickly.

Also be careful what squeaky toys you buy. Many discount stores sell toys with small squeakers that puppies can easily chew off and they can become a choking hazard or become lodged in their intestines requiring expensive surgery to remove.

Get Your Dog Excited to Train

How do you keep your dog excited about working? By rewarding them for doing well! Rewards are the most important part of training dogs. So here are a couple ideas to get you thinking about different types of rewards.

1.  Food. A lot of dogs are motivated to work for food. If your dog is motivated by food, some great options for training would be toys that involve food. A Tug N Treat or a Toss N Treat might be great options.

2.  Attention or Verbal Praise.  Many dogs enjoy getting loved on during their training sessions. It helps your bond between each other grow and build your relationship.

3.  Toys.  Playing with toys is a great reward that can get dogs really excited and motivated. The key is finding the toy that your dog loves.

No matter what rewards motivate your dog, the most important thing to remember is to reward often.

Tug is Good!

Studies have now proven that playing tug games with dogs will not cause a dog to be aggressive. This common misconception has survived in our culture for a long time.   Playing tug is a natural game, and dogs play it for fun. That’s why tug games are so effective for training.
If your dog has a dominate personality, playing tug can actually reinforce your pack leader status, here’s how.

1. End the game on your terms and before the dog is ready to quit.

2. Keep possession of the toy when the game is over.

3. Don’t let the dog win possession of the toy every time. Exhibit your control and strength.

Following these rules will let your dog see that you control the toy and the game. If your dog is a strong tugger get a toy that has a handle like the Tuff E Nuff tug or two handles like the 2 Handled Fur Force Toy, which will help you hang onto and control the toy.

See the Tuff E Nuff tug at: More