Stop Digging!

Dogs love to dig in the dirt! It’s almost impossible to keep them from digging if they’re left outside in the yard for any period of time.

You can keep a dog from digging in specific areas of the yard like a flower garden, by picking up his poop and putting where you don’t want the dog to dig. Dogs have a natural aversion to their own droppings and they won’t dig where you’ve left the poop. After a few days, the poop may need to be ‘refreshed’ with some new material.

This will create no-dig zones in certain parts of the yard. This technique works best if you’ve left one area where the dog can dig.

They prefer areas that are cool, shaded or protected and have a view of the street so they can see what’s going on in the outside world. Restricting the holes to one area can be a better choice than having holes all over the yard.