Need Some Help?

hA Boston Terrior puppy was beaten to death with a baseball bat because he was having training issues. This is a terrible offense and sadly was ruled to not be animal torture. As responsible animal owners we should all look to good solutions to our pet’s behavioral issues. If you’re having behavioral issues with your dog here are some good options for you to consider looking into.

        1. Contact your local dog trainer. There are so many dog trainers available; you should be able to find one wherever you live. Do a quick look up on your search engine, ask at the local dog park, or at your groomers or vet to find one or two trainers in your area. Working with a dog trainer can help because they can see your situation from another perspective and offer training advice and exercises to make your life easier.

        2. See your veterinarian. If you aren’t succeeding in training your dog, it might be a good idea to have your vet take a look at your dog to make sure there isn’t something physically wrong with him.

        3. If you are entirely desperate and can’t handle your pet anymore, don’t be too drastic! Rather than putting your dog to sleep, give him another chance by placing him in another home or a no-kill rescue or shelter. Being in a new environment may make a life or death difference for your dog.

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