Bathing Too Much?

Frequent bathing can strip protective oils from your dogs coat and skin. The lack of moisturizing oils can cause skin problems that stem from dryness like itching and flaky skin. Much like having dry hands when we wash our hands frequently, over bathing drys out both your dogs coat and skin.

To compensate, you could add extra oils to your dogs food, but the oils will add calories that might not be welcome. Cream rinses can help your dogs coat but are not optimal because they don’t replace the natural oils that are removed from your dogs skin. 


As a bathing alternative, consider rinsing your dog will clean water and buffing him dry with a clean towel. Frequent swims in clean water or clean water rinses will help keep dirt and excess oil from collecting in your dogs coat. By preventing the excess oil from building up you’ll find that bathing with soaps will be less necessary.

Clean water rinses are quick and easy to do. Completely wet your dogs coat with clean water and towel dry very quickly for a minimum of mess and stress.

Protecting Your Dog’s Ears During Baths

While bathing, keep water out of your dogs ears by holding the ear closed when you rinse the top of the head and neck with water.

You can clean the ears after the bath with a cotton ball, tissue, wash cloth or Q-tip. Don’t insert the Q-tip into the dogs ear canal, it can cause damage if the dog shakes his head.

Do your best to keep water out of your dogs ears. As water collection in the ear can cause ear infections.

If your dog has droopy ears and gets water in their ears, it’s best to get a little dab of an ear drying paste or power and rub the power on the upper part of the ear to help dry them out.

Continued exposure to water can cause infections which often lead to deafness as the dog ages.

Dog Bathing Tips

Flea shampoos don’t keep fleas off dogs, they just kill the fleas currently on the dog. Any type of shampoo will get a dog clean and kill fleas, so if you don’t have money for specialty shampoos, you can use standard human products.

Bathe only as often as necessary. Frequent bathing will dry out a dogs coat and cause skin problems.

If your dog has sensitive skin, use hypo allergenic or calming shampoos like oatmeal. If your dog has picked up some dirt but isn’t smelly, try wetting a towel and damp toweling the dog. It’ll remove most of the dirt without stripping the oils from his coat.

If you dog rolls on the floor or in the dirt after their bath, try an unscented shampoo. The smell of perfumes in shampoos is unpleasant to many dogs.