Does your dog come running when you call?

Have you practicedcalling your dog today? Having a solid recall is THE most important command you can ever teach your dog. It can literally be life saving, and, on the opposite side, not having a reliable recall can cost your dog his life. I once heard of a dog trained to the championship level who chased squirrels. He chased a squirrel into the middle of the street. His owner called him, and because he didn’t come when called, he was hit by a car. In order to try to avoid such tragedy, we like to come up with fun, new ways to practice come.

A fun game we play around our house is the Recall Game. If you have two people this is a great game to get your dog excited about coming when called. Make sure both people have lots of treats, and put your dog on a leash, preferably a long leash. Have your friend hold your dog, then walk away. Call “come!” and when she comes give her a party with lots of praise and treats!Then have your friend call your dog, and repeat the process. Eventually, when your dog is understanding the game, you can take the leash off. It’s fun to see the dogs begin to understand the game. They’ll start bounding back and forth.

Do you like to practice come with your dog? If so, what are some fun ways you have created to make it fun? Please share with all of us!

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