No Better Indicator

This morning, my 15 year old dog is outside laying in the grass watching the world go by.

After months of worry, brain wracking sleuthing, failed efforts, sleepless nights and vet bills, my dog is happy.

I’ll document at some point in the future the efforts that have led to this surprising event, today I want to forget the work involved and simply enjoy.

Very few people get to see their beloved old pets return to any semblance of normal activity. I know how rare this is. After 45 years of dog ownership there have been more than a few old dogs in my life.

People who really love dogs, will spend enormous effort to ease the pains of old age and postpone the inevitable end for their companions. But these efforts are seldom successful.

Today victory is mine. I have beaten the odds, received a gift from the divine, gotten lucky or finally smart or persistence has paid off. Perhaps it’s Karma.

However you want to look at it, I am overjoyed today that my old dog is laying outside on this fine and temperate morning, casually watching the world go by.

Her eyes are soft, her brows are even, her tail gently pats the grass.

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