Puppy Potty Training

What is the number one rule for potty training? Take your puppy out often! Your goal is to take them out before they make a mistake. It is best to start out every half hour and than gradually extend your time based on how your puppy is doing. It may seem like a lot, but it works to prevent your puppy from feeling the need to go in the house. You will be able to gradually lengthen the time between let outs based on your puppy’s response.

As you observe your puppy’s body language, they will give you signs they need to go out. If you use the same door to let them out, they will frequently start going to that door to indicate they need to go out. Some people place bells on the door knob that they teach their dog to ring to indicate they need to go out.

A good rule of thumb is that puppies can typically hold it an hour for every month old they are. Remember when they are young that it is your responsibility to get them out in time. So don’t yell at them if they make a mistake. They really can’t help it. Rather, set them up for success.

It is very important to reward your dog when he goes potty outside by praising him and playing with him. When you reward your dog for going potty outside, it clicks in their mind that outside is where they need to be to do their duties and not inside. Remember to let them out right after they eat, sleep, or play. To set them up for success overnight, don’t give them a lot to drink right before bed and get them out as soon as possible in the morning.

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