Happy Halloween!

Trick-or-Treaters will soon be knocking! Here are some tips to help keep your dog safe during Halloween:

  1. When the doorbell starts ringing, make sure your dog is securely away from the door; whether that be in a crate, a bedroom or on a leash with you. You don’t want any escapes out the front door!
  2. Double-check and make sure your dog has his identification tags on! Just in case.
  3. Although a lot of dogs love meeting new people or having new experiences, some don’t.  Quite of few of those costumes can be very intimidating from a dog’s point of view! Don’t overwhelm your dog.
  4. If you are going to dress your dog up, the costume needs to be just right: not too big, or it could get twisted around and cause issues, and not too small, or it could cut off your dog’s circulation.  Not all dogs are comfortable being dressed up; do what’s best for yours.

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