Some dogs fetch naturally, but most have to be taught to bring a toy back and release it on command. Teaching your dog to fetch is simple!

Get your dog excited about playing with the toy and then toss it.  Make your throws short at first.  The closer your dog is to you the easier it is for him to return to you with the toy.  An arms length or even a few inches is fine for starters.

Reward the dog for returning with the toy by offering a food treat. Your dog will drop the toy to get the food, and you will have traded the toy for the treat. Once the treat is consumed, throw the toy to begin the process again.

You can use our Frenzy Ring with Leash, or a Jitterbug tug to help teach the return.
The attached leash helps you to control the toy, and prevent your dog from running off with it while they’re learning how to fetch.

Once your dog learns how to play the game, you can play fetch inside or out, for fun, interaction and extra exercise.

Large Frenzy Ring-  http://www.genuinedoggear.com/GDT-FRZY-LG-dog-dog_fleece_toys.html

Jitterbug Tug-  http://www.genuinedoggear.com/GDT-JBUG-dog-dog_fleece_toys.html


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