Pack Order

If your dogs are having dominance issues, you can end those squabbles by setting the dominance order in your pack. By disciplining the subordinate dog each time there is a confrontation you can set the pack structure and reduce petty squabbles. Setting the pack order is easy once we understand that dogs think differently from people, and they prefer a consistent power structure in order to feel secure.

With this in mind, you can set you pack structure quickly and easily, by following two simples rules.

1. As ultimate pack you leader you have the right and the authority to choose and enforce the pack structure. You decide who comes first and who is second (and third or fourth if you have that many dogs). Once you have decided the order of authority, you let the dogs know, what the order is by following this simple rule.

2. Regardless of which dog starts a squabble, or what the disagreement involves, the lower ranking dog, the one you choose to be the subordinate dog will be disciplined. Timeout is an excellent option of enforcing pack structure.

If you set and enforce the pack structure by disciplining the subordinate dog, the pack will settle into peacefulness once the dogs all understand who is supposed to yield in a confrontation.

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