A clicker can be one of the strongest tools in dog training. The click anchors the behavior in the dog’s head as being correct and tells the dog that a reward is coming. It clearly shows the dog exactly what he did right, at the exact moment he did it.

Teaching your dog what the click means is super simple!  Get your dog, some treats, and your trusty clicker; start by clicking once and giving your dog a treat immediately after the click, and then repeat that process over and over again. The more you do this, the more the dog will understand that the sound of the clicker means treats are coming.

The main rule to remember with clicker training is to always click and treat!  Once your dog knows that a click means reward, you can change things up by playing tug, throwing a ball, or using different types of treats as the reward.  Just remember that there must always be a reward after the click.

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