Bathing Too Much?

Frequent bathing can strip protective oils from your dogs coat and skin. The lack of moisturizing oils can cause skin problems that stem from dryness like itching and flaky skin. Much like having dry hands when we wash our hands frequently, over bathing drys out both your dogs coat and skin.

To compensate, you could add extra oils to your dogs food, but the oils will add calories that might not be welcome. Cream rinses can help your dogs coat but are not optimal because they don’t replace the natural oils that are removed from your dogs skin. 


As a bathing alternative, consider rinsing your dog will clean water and buffing him dry with a clean towel. Frequent swims in clean water or clean water rinses will help keep dirt and excess oil from collecting in your dogs coat. By preventing the excess oil from building up you’ll find that bathing with soaps will be less necessary.

Clean water rinses are quick and easy to do. Completely wet your dogs coat with clean water and towel dry very quickly for a minimum of mess and stress.

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