Walk the Walk

When teaching your dog to walk at your side while on the leash, speed up your pace until you’re matching your dogs walking speed. It’s easier to teach the dog to walk nicely if you match his natural walking pace. Asking your dog to walk slowly and to learn good leash skills at the same time is difficult for your dog.
It’s difficult to keep up with a large dog, or one with a lot of pent up energy, so some vigorous play before leash walking may help. After your dog has spent some of his pent up energy he should be able to walk more comfortably at a slower pace.

Over time your dog will learn to enjoy being at your side, but until your dog is ready to match your pace, keeping up as best you can will make learning good leash skills as easy as possible.

You don’t need any special equipment to make you walk faster, but some things can help. Get some lively music for your ipod to keep your pace up. Or get a bell or a fancy new leash to remind you that walking quickly is good for both of you. You may enjoy thisĀ  leash and perhaps it’ll help you to think about being a winner in your dogs eyes

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