Did you know…

 …that dogs carry 3/4 of their weight on their front legs?

If you have two bathroom scales, set your dogs front feet on one scale and their back feet on another to see the dramatic difference.

Dogs have to support the weight of their heads, shoulders and most of their rib cage on their front legs, while the back legs provide propulsion. Jumping sports create a lot of stress on those front legs as the dogs full body weight lands on his front legs and feet.

Keep an eye out for injuries and stress in your dogs front legs after competing or training for dog sports, or after vigorous exercise.

Look for warm spots on your dogs skin by slowly running your hands over your dogs body. Inflammation under the skin will be felt as a slight increase in body temperature in an isolated location, like shoulder, ankle or knee.

Rest your dog and restrict exercise if you suspect your dog has a minor injury. Take your dog to the vet if he begins limping, refuses to walk, get up, go for walks, climb stairs or exhibits any other changes in movement or behavior.

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