Bufo Toads

What is really scary for your dog? Bufo toads! These highly toxic toads are a non-native species that has been rapidly expanding. If a dog even licks a Bufo toad, it can die.

The effects of a Bufo toad are seen instantly. A dog that has licked or bitten a Bufo toad will start foaming at the mouth and will often rub at his face. Rinse your dog’s mouth out IMMEDIATELY to try and get as much of the toxin out as possible. Then, get them to the vet as QUICKLY as possible. This is a matter of life and death for your dog. Fatality rates of dogs without care is nearly 100%.

Scan your yard for toads before you let your dogs out. Toads are attracted to light, water, and dog food. To stay on the safe side, keep your dog away from any and all toads you see.

Mental Exercise

Dogs need exercise, but not just physical exercise. For some dogs physical exercise is just not enough! What they need is mental exercise.

Mental exercise can actually be more tiring than physical exercise. Think about it: you come home from work and you’re so tired. Why? You sat at your desk all day. That shouldn’t wear you out, should it? You’re tired, not because you physically moved around a lot, but because you used your brain a lot. The same is true for dogs.

So if your dog is super hyper or you can’t go on a walk because it’s raining, pull out some treats and start training. Your dog has to think a lot when learning new things, so start thinking of fun tricks you always wanted to try. Happy training!