Vet Trip Tips

Is your dog nervous about going to the vet? Here are three quick hints to help ease your dog’s anxiety when you go to the vet.

1. Take plenty of treats and hand them out liberally. Don’t require your dog to perform behaviors unless they’re easy and your sure he’ll be successful. Just give away tiny bits of treats sporadically during your visit, and especially when the vet is examining your dog. Also, ask the vet techs to give the dog a treat each time they come into the room.

2. Let your dog sniff around the waiting area, unless it would disturb other patients. Letting your dog investigate his surroundings will help him to settle himself.

3. When waiting for the vet in the exam room, leave the door open just enough for the dog to sniff or see outside of the room. Many dogs get anxious when the door closes, and letting them watch through a crack in the door seems to settle them. Of course you have to watch the door and the dog closely, and don’t do this with an aggressive dog, very fearful dog, or an escape artist.

Using these techniques can help to ease your dog’s tension and make the visit more enjoyable for them, you, and your vet.